The psychological System:

Structure and alteration of the Structure

Devlopmental phases of the psychological System

Neurotic "C" psychological structure

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Mathematical model

Mathematical model of the human psychological system

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Is the powerful psychological system the only system that is not precisely structured, or does it too have a perfect structure, one that can be: Described in words, schematically presented, mathematically calculated, measured and therapeutically altered?

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The century of the psychological system

In the middle of the twentieth century, the subject of exact sciences switched from general conclusions to the structure of the entity that exact science is concerned with. Read more..

Mathematical model of the human psychological system Many aspects of this theme are automated.

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Ljiljana Dešević (née Kojić) was born 1952 in Belgrade, as the daughter of Danica Kojić, a teacher, and Branislav Kojić, a psychologist Read more..